Picotoxins are Poisons

Picotoxins are sometimes mistakenly called “nutrients.” They are poisons actually, that cause damage to the human body. No one needs to eat any Picotoxins.

The Four Types of Picotoxins

  1. Picotoxins “of the Flesh”
  2. Acquired Picotoxins
  3. Picotoxins “of the Process”
  4. Genetic Picotoxins

1️⃣ Picotoxins “of the Flesh”

Humans are not designed to consume these Picotoxins. Found in “of the flesh” foods like Meat, Eggs, and Dairy.

“No One” should eat these.

In #3 we will add “Stuff” and our avoid acronym will become M.E.D.S.

NO MEDS! *️⃣

2️⃣ Acquired Picotoxins

These are Picotoxins we develop due to dis•ease, illness, or injury.
People with MASS often acquire a fructose intolerance. *️⃣

3️⃣ Picotoxins “of the Process”

These Picotoxins develop in our food during processing. Flour, sugar, and honey release large amounts of Fructan or Fructose into food.

Highly processed foods often remove the fiber for longer shelf life, and more profits. Sadly, fiber is the #1 human nutrient deficiency. Loss of fiber also introduces a nutrient imbalance.

Oil for example, ends up being 100% acid, no fiber, no carbs, no protein, and something “No One” should eat! (We truly hope your name is not “No One!”)

Note: Honey is a highly processed food. In fact, honey is processed by the bees over 50 times! It is far from low processed Fyuel! Honey is likewise high in fructose that is converted to Triglycerides (oil).

Stuff is highly processed, remember, “No One Should Eat It!”

NO OIL! *️⃣
NO MEDS! *️⃣

4️⃣ Genetic Picotoxins

Most people have a few “Personal Picotoxins” they should not eat. These are usually due to their genes. It’s hereditary! This likely includes most Fyuel allergies and some dis•ease like Celiac dis•ease. Those with Celiac should not eat Gluten from Wheat, Barley, and Rye.

Soy and sesame seed, peanut, and tree nut allergies are common and may cause serious or life-threatening allergies. A man, having never eaten soy, tasted a bite of tofu and within a couple of minutes started to be sick. If it weren’t for the help of his God and his team of doctors, he would have died.*️⃣


Don’t Eat Picotoxins!

As you can see, Picotoxins can be avoided by avoiding highly processed food, either processed by animals or humans!


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