Links to Resources used while building,

Website Resources List

These websites conform to the science of NO Picotoxins.

Truth And Inspiration Therapy – TAIT.Asia
Self-help for rebuilding and maintaining my health!

For Your Ultimate Earthly Life –
Human Fyuel (fuel) to build and strengthen your body.

The Plant-Only Plan –
An Eating Plan Based Only On Health and Plants.

Replacetarian –
Starting Down The Road To Better Health!

Nature’s Pharmacy for Life –
DIY Quick Fixes for Specific Health Problems!

Hosting Company

The Hosting Company we use to host Picotoxins on the Imternet.

Pair Network –

Software Resources List

These are the main software packages we use on Picotoxins.

Server Operating System: Ubuntu

Database: MariaDBvia Pair Network

File Server: Apachevia Pair Network

CMS: WordPress

WordPress Theme: Kadence

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