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Picotoxins are the Opposite of Fyuel!

Picotoxins vs. Fyuel

The concept of Picotoxins vs Fyuel is a little like Yin and Yang. They have a push-pull effect that keeps the body healthy, with one caveat, you should never eat Picotoxins!

Picotoxins are poisons that tear down the health of our bodies. Whereas Fyuel is nutrition, which builds up the body. We need to consume Fyuel, and we need to eliminate Picotoxins.

Processing Fyuel into Poison

Let’s paint a word movie. First, you eat an apple, orange, potato, carrot, and a serving of Kale. Great, these have no picotoxins in them, so we can call them Fyuel. This is where our nutrition comes from. Next, our body digest the fuel and absorbs the nutrients, These nutrients feed, build and repair our bodies, as well as push out and eliminate picotoxins, waste, and garbage our bodies don’t need. Generally, we call this feces and urine. Urine and feces together are called excreta.

Consuming Excreta

There are some people who actually have it in their minds that consuming excreta is a good idea, What do you think? These are people who are focused on nutrients and have missed the fact that you need to both consume proper nutrients, and we must eliminate Picotoxins.

I know of people who have regularly consumed things like feces, urine, blood, sweat, and hamburgers! Perhaps you laughed to see hamburgers on a list with the likes of feces, urine, blood, and sweat, but why not? They all contain the same picotoxins. In fact by law, hamburgers may and do contain specified amounts of each of these. Do you really want to eat that?

S.H.I.T. and C.R.A.P.

There are plenty of people who will teach you to eat excreta and they’re all wrong. They just make money doing this, It will make you sick, and slowly kill you. I started calling this “Stuff Health Instructors Teach!” The acronym will tell you what I think about it. Jeff Novick says most of these are just C.R.A.P (Calorie Rich And Processed). For some reason, it makes sense that S.H.I.T. would equal C.R.A.P. Others teaching the Plant-Only Plan for healthy eating call these “Fast-Foods” or “Fat Foods!”

“Make It Make Sense!”
The MIMS Principle
Pop VeKind
September 16, 1973

Good Picotoxins

The excreta that comes from our own body, might be considered “Good Picotoxins”” It is good because you are elemining these poisons from your body. When you eat fyuel, drink water, and breath air, You not only take in the nutrition your bogy needs, You also release excretain your urian, sweat, and feces. Take a deep breath of clean air, then exhale. Most people will feel this process in action. Do something yhat makes you break a sweat. Stop, sit down, and drink a glass of cool. clean water. Woul will likely feel your body reacting to the water.. Urian and sweat remove excreta, thistime the toxins are flushed out in the urian and sweat.

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