Do Not Eat Poison Picotoxins as Food!

About The Picotoxin List

Picotoxins List is a list of unhealthy substances that poison, damage, and/or injure the human body. These poisons are found in common foods people often eat.

Note: This list of Picotoxins is not complete.
There is a handful we missed. We will add these as we identify and research them.
This list is significantly complete to improve the health of anyone who follows it.

No government labels these as poisons because they usually will not kill you within an hour, or a day, or even a week or a month. Picrotoxins usually take years, or even decades to build to the point of Picotoxima. Then, Picotoxmia is diagnosed as Heart Disease, Diabetes, kidney failure, liver disease, cancer, or perhaps worst of all, Medobolic Syndrom.

“If you don’t want to die next year…
Do NOT Eat Picotoxins Today!

~ ~ Pop VeKind ~ ~

The Guiding Principle:

Eat a well-planned variety of plants as grown!
However, you might want to peel them or cook them.

I don’t eat unpeeled dragon fruit or pineapple!
I don’t eat uncooked kidney beans either,
they will kill you!

~ ~ Pop VeKind ~ ~


  • 🚫 Casein
    • Dairy
  • 🚫 Choline
    • *MEDs
    • Supplements
  • 🚫 Heme-Iron
    • *MEDs
    • Supplements
  • 🚫 L-Carnitine
    • *MEDs
    • Supplements
  • 🚫 Lecithin
    • Supplements


  • 🚫 Cholesterol
    • *MEDs
  • 🚫 Saturated Fat
    • *MEDs
    • Coconut
  • 🚫 Trans Fat
    • Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil
    • Margarine
    • Shortening
    • *MEDs
  • 🚫 Oil (All are acid – NO Oil!)

Simple Carbohydrates:

Refined Fructose and other non-glucose carbs are converted by the liver into Triglycerides. These may be burned for work during exercise. Excess Triglycerides may be concentrated into saturated fats and stored in fat cells. These carbohydrates include alcohol sugars and no-calorie sweeteners. Refined Fructose and no-calorie sweeteners account for why children and no-alcohol church members are now sporting “beer-bellies” and dying from NAFLD and TOFI.

  • 🚫 Refined Fructose (more than 40% Fructose)
    • Agave
    • Corn Syrup
    • HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup)
    • Isoglucose
    • Glucose-Fructose Syrup
    • Honey
  • 🚫 Galactose
    • Dairy
  • 🚫 Sucrose (50% Fructose)
    • Table Sugar

Naturally sweet fruits and vegetables (like sweet potatoes) are good for you because their fructose comes “packaged” with the necessary natural modifiers to be beneficial to humans.

Stuff: (highly processed food)

Highly processed foods are NOT Whole-Foods!

  • 🚫 Fiber Removed
    • Refined Sugar
    • Refined Fructose
    • Refined Flour
    • NO Oil!
    • Fruit Juice
  • 🚫 Any Highly Processed Food


Persons with MASS should also avoid, or strictly limit, high fat Fyuel ( >20% calories from fat) like:

  • 🚫 Nuts
  • 🚫 Avocados
  • 🚫 Olives
  • 🚫 Durian
  • 🚫 Coconut
  • 🚫 Refined Sugar
  • 🚫 Refined Fructose

Click Here to Read More About MASS!
(This link will be added as soon as it is available!)


  • Caffeine
    • Coffee
    • Cola
    • Black Tea
    • Green Tea

Note: All experts do not agree on the use of stimulants like green tea, coffee, and black tea. However, most natural health experts recommend avoiding stimulants. Or at a minimum, limiting stimulant use to a small amount, within hours of waking.

Stimulants are drugs! They are NOT necessary for health and can be safely avoided/eliminated.


Remember: Diet begins with the word Die!

Some proponents of the “Starvation Diet” (AKA: Keto, Atkin’s, Paleo, Primal, Pegan) recommend avoiding foods with “anti-nutrients” in them (ex: spinach, swiss chard or beetroot tops). These foods are nutritious but should be limited to a single meal per day, instead of avoiding them totally. Some “anti-nutrients” are actually beneficial to good human health.

We are starting to compile an “anti-nutrients” list and will post it as soon as it is available.


*MEDs = Meat, Eggs, and Dairy stuff!


The Picotoxins List is a Work in progress!

Therefore, the Picotoxin List is always under construction and never fully complete. We accept that there are Picotoxins that are known and not on this list. When we have time to investigate and add these we will.

Fortunately, Picotoxins often travel together in groups. For example, dairy from any species of animal has more picotoxins than anything humans regularly consume. Milk of any species has only one purpose, to feed the babies of that species. Milk from cows is actually “baby cow growth fluid” designed to make that calf grow 1,000 pounds in a year. What does it do for humans? It kills us in many ways. Milk has many different Picotoxins, so by avoiding any one of them, by avoiding milk, you actually avoid them all!

Human milk for human babies is perfect!

Eggs and process meats like bacon are nearly as bad. That is why Replacetarins start by replacing DEB first. Dairy, Eggs, and Bacon!

If the name of your wife is Deb,
please do not replace her!

If your doctor has already diagnosed disease, you should consider starting by replacing PED (Processed-meats, Eggs, and Dairy).

Persons who have a disease that is serious to them start by replacing MEDS (Meat, Eggs, Dairy, and Stuff that is highly processed.

To Avoid Meds,
Avoid MEDS!

Coming Features:

We plan to add a page explaining each Picotoxin and how, in common terms, that it damages the human body.

We will add a list of foods to avoid, cross referenced to what Picotoxins they contain.


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