The Mission of is simply to warn humans about
Picotoxins in food.
These poisons are destroying our health and shortening our lives.

Our Mission is Not…

Picotoxins is about the science of human health and the poison in common foodstuffs.

It is Not about the pseudosciences of selling a product or making a profit.

Likewise, we are Not in support of any political party over another, nor any political candidate over another.

We do Not promote any social justice agenda, nor political or lifestyle change concerning compassion, animal rights, or environmental concerns such as rainforest or ocean destruction.

Picotoxins does Not have an opinion on issues such as Transgender rights, nor the rights of young girls age 6-12 years old to use the woman’s toilet unmolested, without encountering male looking persons who appear to these young girls to be “scary” (predatory), with male genitals hanging out for the young females to see.

While these controversial social/political issues may be important to many, they should be taken up with lawmakers, courts, and organizations concerning those issues.

We are Not a religion. Picotoxins does Not support any religion over any other. Likewise, we are Not against any religion. Furthermore, we are Not against those who claim to have no religion.

Picotoxins recognizes the human right of individual faith and belief in regards to oneself. As Pop’s grandfather taught him when he was learning to drive, “Just remember, your rights end at the other car’s bumper. That’s where their rights begin!”

The Picotoxin issue is Not an intersectional movement. concerns itself solely with particles within or lacking from food, which damages the human body. This damage builds to greater damage or destruction of human life via Picotoxemia.


Picotoxemia is the underlying cause of all lifestyle diseases that kill most humans. These are commonly called names like heart attack, stroke, diabetes, hypertension, kidney or liver disease, many cancers, metabolic syndrome, and others. Nonetheless, they have one common cause, Picotoxemia, caused by Picotoxins we eat.

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